What the Glass Beer Mug Means To Us!

At its purest form the beer mug is a symbol for good times. We have all been there. The local pub, six pm on a Friday afternoon. Everyone just finished up a long week of work. The stragglers are just shuffling in the door clamoring at the bar to get their drinks. Once everyone has their mugs in hand the good times begin. I do not want to be mistaken; I do not mean everyone is getting drunk and sloppy. This is all about finally being able to joke with each other, good wholesome laughter and a time without E Mails, meetings and deadlines.

These times are some of the most basic of good times. Its times like that when the problems of the world melt away and they only thing that matters is what is going on right in front of you.

Another situation that outlines the power of the beer mug is the summer backyard gathering. More often than not these gathering are impromptu and not planned. Someone may have a few left over burger and hot dogs, someone else may have a few beers in the fridge, one other person may have some other BBQ elements and all of a sudden everyone is having a blast. The radio is playing your favorite tunes and that laughter is back. Maybe just maybe the host suddenly remembers the few beer mugs that are in the freezer just waiting for a time just like this.

Where I come from we have a phrase; “Porch Beers”. This is a phenomenon among a group of friends. On any given weekend day someone just needs to make the “Porch Beer” call and everyone is flocking over. We sit on the porch, laugh and joke about the past week and just enjoy our time together. We have even established a tradition of only drinking out of our own personalized beer mugs.

How often has the glorious beer mug been present in life’s major events? These celebrations such as a graduation or wedding or promotion all are usually celebrated with good beer. Have you even gone to a wedding that did not have a bar?

The beer mug is a symbol of good times. It is a way of life. Too often do people get so caught up in the routine of life that they don’t stop and appreciate the idea of life. So grab your friends and you mug and enjoy life!

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